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We like Unix. We like it in a box, we like it with a fox, we like it in our toaster, we like it on a roller coaster. All of us here at Unixbigots have trial-ed and tribulated through using MS-DOS, and Windows 3.0/3.1/95/98/NT, and we like it not one bit. Unix has a simple modular design. This means that all the systems react together in harmony, simply working in the Tao. If a part should go SPUNG, it is possible for a single human to fix it without breaking anything else. Unix might not be the only answer, but it is a very good answer for most situations.

Many of us tired of installing, and reinstalling, and patching, and cursing, and tearing out our hair over these operating systems. Since none of us own high powered 50 caliber sniper rifles, nor live near Seattle, there was very little we could do to remedy our situation.

Gradually as time went on and we had more exposure to different operating systems, we realized that things didn't have to be this way. We played XPilot on HP-UX Apollo's, we wrote CGI code with Perl on Solaris, we compiled kernels with gcc on Linux, we mucked with SGI and AIX boxen. As time went on we found that we could do more and more with Unix at home and work. We might have to work to get things installed, but once something was installed it worked and continued to work.

So we've ended up with our boxen at home running Linux, FreeBSD, and whatever else we felt like playing with this week. What started out as a hopeless rebellion against mediocre software, has become a viable solution. Database, applications, widgets, even commercial games are starting to show up for these outcast OS's we run. So in the next couple of years, hopefully we'll never have to boot into Windows for anything. And that feels pretty good.

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Stuckness shouldn't be avoided. It's the psychic predecessor of all real understanding. An egoless acceptance of stuckness is a key to an understanding of all Quality, in mechanical work as in other endeavors. -- R. Pirsig, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

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