Open letter to Sun:

To whom it my concern:

I am a random voice from the Unix community asking you for a favor. Your company has acquired Star Division which makes one of the two major office suites for the X-Windows desktop. This puts you in the position to diversify consumer choices of desktop environment by making office software more available to users of alternative operating systems. Your continued support of the UNIX/Linux systems has helped them become established as true alternatives in the PC and workstation markets. I am asking that you consider doing this for yet another operating system– Be.

While making Be more attractive to computer users may not seem to be in your best interest, doing this would make it easier for individual users to select non-standard (non-Microsoft) operating systems. In turn, this will make the consumer and business markets more open to many of the standards that you have developed.

The difficulty of porting Star Office to Be is believed to be minimal from the research that I have done on the subject. Be is Unix like, and most likely the port would only require a minimal group of changes in system calls. Also, this is unlikely to be detrimental to your business as Be is not a major threat to Solaris especially on the x86. While Be is an exceptional platform for the creation of multi-media, Solaris is the uncompromising leader of the engineering environment.

While it may seem to be a strange request from a place called Unixbigots.org, my primary interest is in seeing more choice of operating systems on the x86 platform. In order for someone to have that choice, they must have access to high end applications, or the system is useless. I hope that you will consider our request.




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