So you like FreeBSD huh? It is understandable, liking something that is that solid, and will run quickly on just about anything. It is a good chunk of operating system. The problems that I have with it are related to how easy it is to set up and use, or how complete it is if you run across a older version. The good thing are how solid it is. It is also good for being able to customize.

The first complaint that I have relates to how complete it is out of the box. The version that I was using did not even come with pine, elm, or lynx. It was not possible to use email or browse the web at all with the default installation for developers. The install program had a tenancy to crash also. This is not real good, but I have had installs crash on various systems before, it does not shock me in any way. The install is nice except for the fact that it crashes. It is also the only simple part of FreeBSD, and the only part that I have seen crash, ever.

When FreeBSD comes off of the cd or over ftp or what ever, it looks as if it is simple to use, this could not be farther from the truth. This is a full blown version of Unix, and if you are proficient at using Linux, this one will throw you. It is possible to get used to how things are done, and I would recommend at least getting a familiarity with this operating system. This and Linux are the way of the future, and if it is FreeBSD it is a good future, because people will have to know there computers and how they work.

The conclusions that I draw from installing and using FreeBSD is that if you want a system that you have to mess with, or want a Internet server that is sure to work correctly and be robust and crash resistant, then FreeBSD is the operating system for you then. If you want a Unix that comes out of the box ready to do all of the things that you want to do, or to have a server that you do not need to spend a few hours tinkering with, and are also willing to take the hit as far as stability and ability to customize then Linux is the Unix(like) for you.

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