...And Justice for All

Lady Justice has been raped
truth assassin
rolls of red tape seal your lips
Now you're done in
Their money tips her scales again
Make your deal

Some days you drag yourself out of bed and hear a news story that makes you think that you are still dreaming. Thursday, this happened to me. I found out that the band Metallica is suing Napster.

Metallica had always had my respect. I bought ...And Justice for All because their lyrics were so powerful, so anti-corporation, anti-injustice, anti-greed. What, didn't the band believe what they said? Are they hypocrites who just sold the message that young malcontents like me wanted to hear?

According to their website, Metallica has sold over 50 million albums in the US alone. Their self titled album (The Black Album) is the third best selling album since the implementation of the current sales tracking system. Is that not enough? Are they so hurting for money that they have to sue Napster, a company that does not even have them on their servers? Napster's content, after all, is solely controlled by its users. They are a free service. Should they be sued because their users abuse this service?

I ask all of these questions as I flip the tape in my hand. Maybe if Metallica listened to their tape they would realize that this is hypocritical. Maybe they need to be reminded of their beliefs. Well, if that's the case, I'll give it to them.

I encourage all of you to do the same. Send your Metallica albums back to them so they can hear all about corruption and greed. After all, the music is meaningless if they don't even believe their own message. Just send it care of the address on the liner notes. Let them know what we think of their greedy actions.



5/2/00- I hope you wern't trading your songs on Napster this weekend. You may find yourself blocked. Metallica has Napster a list of names of Napster users to be blocked for distributing their music. While I agree with this approach much more than litigation, I just wonder how this will effect Metallica's fan base. In the past, bands who fight against their fans have a habit to end up in cut out bins. No comment from Napster, yet. Let's just hope that if Napster complies with Metallica that this whole thing will be dropped for good.

4/19/00- I went on a fact finding mission to the post office today. Here's what I found.

media      weight in oz      cost
Tape	       3.2 	     $0.99
CD	       3.4	     $0.99
Record	       8.9	     $2.09

These are the prices in the US. Check with your local postal authority if you are sending your album in from another country.

Also, there is a new law saying that you are sending something over a pound, you have to take it in to a post office clerk during normal hours. So remember, if you are sending in a 2 record set, it may be more trouble that you anticipated.

4/19/00- Rapper Dr. Dre has given an ultimatum to Napster, telling them to get all of his music off of the servers by Friday. Hmmmmm, what a coincidence. He has the same lawyers as Metallica.

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