OpenBSD huh? So you want an old fashion Unix install do ya'? This one will give you a headache installing it, but once you have it correct, it is one of the best Unix variants out there. The first part of this review is about how much fun you will have installing and configuring it, both are a headache. The next part is a little bit as to why this is the case, and why it is important to have some software that is written like this. Then there is what I think of the job that they have done with it.

The install and configuration is the hardest part of having to deal with this operating system. The install asks for hard drive parameters and other things like that. No other modern operating system does this. Many people have had many problems getting x-windows running correctly, because the tools to get it running are backward. Network configuration is not fun either, because it has to be done with text based configuration, and it is not menu driven for the most part either.

This is the case because the people who write this software are more concerned with getting bug free and perfect software than adding features that are not needed. They want to write a correct and secure operating system before making it easy or user-friendly. This is an intelligent way of making an operating system, and if this is for you, then I would recommend giving this a try. It demands a lot of effort, but it just might be worth it. OpenBSD also has another feature that is useful, and that is the ability to run on more platforms that FreeBSD. Linux and NetBSD still run on more platforms than this, but do not have the same level of perfection.

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