SCO openserver, or Xenix, what ever it is called. This is a x86 (mostly) Unix that is used heavily in business. It is highly stable but some people consider it to be incomplete. More on why later. I have heard others say that it is the most stable Unix ever made, getting uptime in 2+ year range. If a static and stable system with applications is what you need, then SCO is for you. If you need much else, look elsewhere first.

SCO has one fault that almost makes it not Unix. It does not have a c compiler built in. This makes it on the dos end of things if you ask me. Most people do not have this a primary consideration for being Unix. The lack of a c compiler makes it difficult of expensive to port applications to this thing. There are Unixes with a c compiler built in that cost less for the business environment that will run SCO binaries. Some of these will even run SCO binaries faster than SCO will.

If a stable Unix is what is needed, then SCO is ok. It also has more of the Novell Unix ware utilities with it. It is possible to make both SCO and Linux a Novell server, but SCO is a little more compliant, being as it is the real Novell code. There are things that SCO is good at, such as stability. It is not unheard of for a SCO box to run for 2+ years, as was stated earlier

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