The question is: What of Slackware 4.0? What did they do to 3.6? Was it really a useful upgrade? Slackware 4.0 is the most recent distribution of the oldest Linux distribution. They added a few good features, but mostly just Slackware with a new kernel and a new window manager or two. There are something about Slackware that are just not good in the least. One of which is the slowness of the upgrades. A good example of this is the compilation of X that comes with the distribution. This is a decent version, until something that needs additional threads is needed like some of the newer version of X11 amp and so on. They have made little to no effort to make it a modern version of Linux.

Another thing is the half asked attention to security that is given. They manage to lock down files that no other distribution of Linux does, so that it is a real chore to put some of the newer application and games on. The default install of Slackware will not install word perfect. If someone wants this attention to security then they will use open BSD or something like that, and not Slackware which has had some very serious issues with security in the not so recent past.

They are also missing a lot of the libraries and so on that are standard in all of the other distribution of Linux. It seems to be that a little more attention to detail would have made this a great distribution, and not just useful for some applications such as console based MP3 players and other things of that sort.

In conclusion, Slackware continues to be a niche Linux, that is useful where few applications have to be run and security is not an issue. It is simple and a good Linux to use for a beginner and a veteran who wants to tinker with it, or wants it for a specific purpose.

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