The first of the commercial Unixes that need to be reviewed is Solaris. This is the Unix that is made for sun SPARC and x86. It comes in both, and the SPARC version is a little faster, and a lot more common. For a true Unix bigot, this is a good one. It does boot to a GUI, but that is ok, it does not isolate anyone from a prompt. The GUI looks nice, and is helpful and reasonably stable. The only problems that Solaris has is the amount of hardware that it takes to run it well.

The nic name of Solaris is slowlaris. This is because it takes an huge amount of hardware to run it correctly. The SPARC stations that it is possible to see in most engineering departments and so on are very impressive machines. The SPARC processors are 64 bit, and most of those have at least 128m of memory. Granted some of that is taken up due to the fact that the processors are RISC. There are also some major complaints about the compliler that comes with it. the thing to do about this is to add GCC. This seems to fix the problem.

The thing about Solaris and the Sun/OS is their geek appeal. A few people that I have talked to who are on suns are sure to mention it, and it does make an impression on some people. It is also at worst a decent version of Unix, that does not require arm wrestling to deal with. All of this with tremendous geek appeal... Give it a try.

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