SuSE, one of the newer mainstream linuxes, at least in the English parts of the world. This is the distribution that a lot of people call the distribution that includes the kitchen sink. We are still waiting for a sink.rpm. This is one of the better linuxes that are available. The complaints that I have heard and have my self are trivial and easily corrected with some experience in the Linux field.

The first complaint that I have about it and the one that will be noticed is the extreme size of the installations in both hard drive and memory footprints. The default install takes around 700m of hard drive space, and the options that it boots with take up about 20m of memory. This system is not people with less than a Pentium 2 for that reason. If you have anything else, take a look at Red Hat or Stackware. This thing is large. The only other complaint is that Yast has a few counterintuitive moments during the initial install. Yast is not the best of the setup utilities. But it will do. The rest of these can be dealt with.

SuSE is considered by the people who use it to be the best of the linuxes. It is said that Linus uses SuSE at home. Why is this? It is because this is the most complete Linux. It also has the most complete distributions that are available. It is every thing including wine and dosemu in the distribution. The distribution is five full CDS. Yast allows people to set up all of these applications. SuSE is also configurable, there is no options that are not easily changed. Stackware is easier to configure with text files, but SuSE is easier with menu based configuration.

SuSE is a very good Linux. I would not recommend it to new users. But it is a good Linux for the people who know how to use it. I would recommend stackware to the people who want to learn

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