As you might have guessed from the forum that this is not going to be a good review of Windows 2000 (Windows NT 5 for the people who have been dealing with it for a while). That assumption would be correct. I hope to be somewhat fair in my slashing it to bits. I will divide this into two pieces, the part about what I hate about the entire platform, and what I hate about this version.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is what I dislike about the entire platform. Both of the things that are evil can be addressed by one thing, and this is code bloat. This code bloat but it shows up as two separate symptoms. The first is the slowness of the platform. This is evident windows 3.0 all the way up to windows 2000. It does seem to get worse as the versions increase. The second is the instability. This has been getting better by jerks. The betas of Windows 2000, which I have seen are a little better than windows 98, but they do not measure up to windows NT 4.0 or a much less a FreeBSD or a Linux. These two are platform wide, and I will not like windows until these have been corrected.

The second major class of problems comes with this particular version. The beta had numerous problems with things that windows NT could do. The apple talk protocol is broken in ways that are not even cool. You never know when an office will have the random Mac geek or you happen to have a apple laser printer at home. The next thing is the API. They appear to have made a slight change that locks out most of the other applications. They have made it so that some of the software that works with other win32 platforms does not work on win2k, I am not sure if this is going to carry over to the full version or not.

The system requirements are another thing that is an issue. It requires a lot of hardware to run the thing. Who just has a pII 333 or higher with 48m of ram sitting around to run a broke version of windows? On this system that I just mentioned, it is slow. It would be understandable if this were some really cool cutting edge game or something like that, but it is the operating system that really cool cutting edge games are on. Even if you have a current system it is not going to leave much at all for games. This is in addition to the new found use for security. This has taken the form of encrypted hard drives (that NT 4 cannot read with out a patch, and it does it by default, that sucked for a few people that I know), which is pointless being as very few things can read NTFS anyway.

In conclusion Windows 2000 seems to be more of the same just more so. They added some more code bloating widgets, and some more useless features. The have not addressed the big issues of security, stability or code bloat. I do not think that this will be a major threat to Unix on the server market, and really should not be a major threat to what unix is on the desktop. This release should help Linux gain market share. Press your back button, or back arrow when finished

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